Vision Reimbursement

WCAA provides its active employees, COBRA participants who elect this coverage, non-actives, and covered beneficiaries with vision benefits through an Optical Reimbursement Program. This self-funded program reimburses expenses incurred for prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, prescription frames, and vision examinations rendered by a licensed optometrist, optician, or ophthalmologist within each benefit period. 

The maximum reimbursement amount per eligible family member is specified in your current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and is renewed on a specific date every two years; currently December 1st of every odd year. There is no restriction as to where you may obtain services. Reimbursement amounts are made based on the amount available for the specified family member on the date of service. Jan 1, 2017 a vision plan will be made available. Details to come.

In order to receive benefits through the Optical Reimbursement Program, you must submit an Optical Reimbursement Form along with an original, paid receipt specifically detailing the person receiving services, the services rendered and/or items bought and expenses incurred for each service/item. Without this information, reimbursements cannot be processed. Currently, reimbursement forms can be obtained by contacting WCAA Employee - Benefits at (734) 247-3236 or email Employee - Benefits, or for click here for optical reimbursement form.

 Optical forms and receipts may now be scanned and emailed for reimbursement at