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Persons with a valid photo ID Badge will be allowed unescorted access to delivery sites in Restricted Areas and on the AOA after first being issued a Temporary Vehicle Pass from the Airport. Temporary Vehicle passes are issued from AOA Vehicle checkpoints. In addition, companies must attend Ramp Drivers Safety Training which is conducted by Airfield Operations. Please contact Airfield Operations at (734) 942-3823 to schedule the training. All deliveries to the McNamara Terminal must go through the Dockmaster.

Companies requesting unescorted access to the Air Operations Area (AOA) must first be placed on the vendors list. Companies must register with the Airport Credentials Office to be placed on the vendors list. Proof of proper insurance is required. Please see Vehicle Permits tab at the top of page for specific insurance requirements.

Vendor Vehicle Access  

A Delegation of Authority Form will be required for each tenant your company is servicing at the Airport.The airline/tenant who contracted the services must fill out the bottom portion of the Delegation of Authority Form marked “Airline/Tenant Use Only”. The Delegation of Authority Form is an Airport requirement that will permit your company authority to submit Badge Applications for your employees. Once the form has been authorized by the airline/tenant, submit it to the Credentials Office.

Accessing the Airport

While your company’s application is in process, deliveries may be made under escort. Once your company has been approved for the Vendors List and your employees have been issued Airport Photo ID badges, your company will be allowed unescorted access to and from the approved service locations.

The delivery personnel must present a valid State Drivers License, at which point Airfield Operations will issue a temporary vehicle pass. Note: First time deliveries will be escorted to permit personnel to become familiar with the appropriate access routes.