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Vehicle Permits

AOA Vehicle Access Permits

All vehicles driving and accessing the Air Operations Area (AOA) shall display an Airport approved AOA vehicle permit. Airport Security is responsible for the issuance of vehicle passes for Contractors, Vendors, and Airport Tenants requiring access to the AOA. All vehicles driving unescorted on the AOA must be registered with the Credentials Office by filling out an AOA Vehicle Access Permit Application form. Designated equipment and vehicles must have a company logo affixed to the side of the vehicle. Logos shall be commercially made or constructed with a minimum of 12” x 12” in size printed, pasted, or magnetically affixed on the vehicle.  Magnetically affixed logos must be displayed at all times while the vehicle is on the AOA.

AOA Vehicle Access Permit Types

Permanent Decal

This permit is issued to the Airport Authority, Airlines and direct tenants whose vehicles operate daily on the AOA.

2X10 Decal Application

Temporary Permit

This permit is issued to Contractors, and Vendors, companies who do not have a direct lease with the Airport and tenant vehicles that are licensed and operate outside the AOA on a daily basis.

Designated Vehicle Permit Application Form

Temporary Escort Permits

These permits are restricted to those companies who have been authorized to escort approved vehicles onto the AOA. Companies must comply with the Airport’s insurance requirements and be approved with Airport’s Credentials Office. Vehicles with these permits must be under escort at all times while driving on the AOA.

To apply for the Temporary Escort Permits, please review and complete the Escort Insurance Requirements and Acknowledgement. 
Escort Insurance Requirements and Acknowledgement

You must indicate which permit you are requesting on the vehicle application form. Allow at least twenty-four (24) hours for processing. 

Insurance Requirements

Company vehicles will be issued unescorted permits only when the Airport has verified that the vehicle is covered by a valid insurance policy.  A liability insurance accord with a minimum of $5,000,000 in coverage must be provided (see sample insurance requirements).  Escorted vehicles must have $1,000,000 in coverage.


A $25.00 fee is charged for each vehicle pass.  Lost or Stolen passes must be reported immediately.  A $50.00 lost or stolen fee will be assessed for a vehicle permit that is replaced.  A new vehicle AOA Vehicle Access Permit Application must be filled out for a replacement permit (fees may be subject to change). 

Airfield Safety Training

Please be aware that the Airfield Operations Office has moved! The new address is below:
Michael Berry Administration Building #602
11050 Rogell Drive
Detroit, MI 48242

Contractors and vendors who require driving access on the AOA must attend The AOA Non-Movement Training Tour which is conducted by DTW Airfield Operations. The tour is offered Monday-Friday at 9:30 am or 12 pm. Please call Airside Operations at (734) 942-3823 to schedule your appointment or with any questions. 

A new applicant cannot take The AOA Non-Movement Training Tour until their background information has cleared.